Huawei P20 Cases

There’s no topping Burga’s quality. And if you have any doubts, let us just remind you that you get a 12 months international warranty with our Huawei P20 cases. This is how confident we are (and you should be, too) in our quality.

So, you don’t have to worry about the phone or its protective case breaking any time soon. The cases in this collection don’t break or even scratch, thanks to their scratch-resistant design. This quality is undoubtedly seen in our other bumper collections as well, like our Huawei P20 Pro cases, P20 Lite cases, Mate 20 Pro cases, Mate 20 cases, and Mate 20 Lite cases.

And you know how you might get a chic beige cell phone case, only for it to fade into a cheap-looking bland white-ish color in a few months? This is a frustration that you won’t face with our mobile phone cases because their prints neither fade nor peel with time.

In addition, at Burga, we understand that you have individualistic needs and tailor our products to best suit them. For that reason, you can find our unique Huawei P20 phone cases in two different varieties: snap and tough cases.

On the one hand, snap phone cases are one-piece hardshell phone cases, which makes them durable and shockproof. But yet, they’re very slim, lightweight, and sleek. In other words, these thin phone cases won’t increase your phone’s weight noticeably.

Plus, the snap case won’t transform your phone’s smart shape into an unimpressive and bulky outline. We know how much you’ve invested in choosing an attractive phone design, and our phone cases serve to highlight, not undermine, that.

In contrast, we have our tough phone cases for people who want added protection for their phones. If you aren’t particularly careful about how you handle your phone or you’re just naturally clumsy, these heavy duty cases are for you with their dual and layered design.

To elaborate, this phone cover is composed of a silicone interior and a hardshell exterior. Consequently, you’ll receive full coverage for your phone from all sides and get a raised bezel to protect your screen. Better yet, this extra protection doesn’t come at the expense of the phone’s aesthetic appeal.

As for our designer collection’s prints, if we were to describe them in one word, it’d be versatile.

We have many dotted prints with asymmetrical spots that are simple yet fun and playful. These cute dots tease their pattern’s minimalistic backgrounds. And if you want to take it a step further, why not go for a case with delicate artistic designs instead of spots? We have trendy, pretty covers with minute flowers, stars, and watermelon seed-like specks.

But if you want to go all out, we have popular cases with larger designs of animals, animal prints, flowers, plants, fruits, and more. Not to mention, we have numerous marble designs with shades of the same color or multiple colors intertwining beautifully. 

If any of these features, be that quality, versatility, or gorgeous designs, sound like something you’d like, snatch your luxury Burga phone case right now!

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