iPhone XR Cases

Are you searching for a case for your iPhone XR? Well, you’re probably faced with the dilemma of whether you should go for a slim and trendy case or opt for a rugged one for a higher level of protection and sacrifice the looks of your phone.
At BURGA, we don’t think in binary because we believe that a phone case can be beautiful and protective at the same time. That’s exactly what we promise you: a cute case of your choice that will make you love your iPhone XR even more while also protecting it from accidental drops and bumps.
Just pick your favorite design(s) out of the many cool designs and colors we have, then choose whether you want a single-layer or double-layer case. The former is slim and thin, while the latter boasts a higher level of protection against shocks for heavy-duty users.
Apple loves to make glass-enclosed phones, and the iPhone XR is no exception. And while the glass panels used in the iPhone XR are pretty tough, they can still get scratched or even shattered.
All of our Apple iPhone XR case covers feature protruded edges, providing full protection for the front and back of your iPhone XR. Oh, and just like many of the recent iPhone models, the iPhone XR has a slight camera bump. But don’t worry, our cases will encircle the area around the camera to protect the lens from getting damaged.
Worlds best stylish yet protective cases for iPhone XR. Join the fam of 1M+ that stepped up their case game with BURGA.

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